THC Free CBD Isolate Capsules

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THC Free CBD Isolate Capsules
These Pure NANO CBD Isolate capsules provide 100% Absorption rate do to Nano Molecular Structure of MedRx  Grade Crystalline CBD providing lasting relief with Bursts of CBD
This Product is  for Activating Self Healing Glandular Secretion System to aid  symptoms while healing the root problem to number of discomforts, sharp pain, inflammation, menstrual cramps, arthritis & so much more!
Promotes mind & body homeostasis using the endo- cannabinoid
systems healing properties.
Taken Orally (Daily Supplement) 
Each Tablet is pre-dosed at 25mg of  Pure 99%  NANO CBD Isolate with 0% THC
Pack of 30 tablets - Total CBD per package 750mg

Ingredients: 99.6% Pure NANO CBD Isolate