Sleep Aid CBD Oil Oral Drops

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 Sleep Aid CBD Oil and Omega 3  for Oral Use.

Non-Psychoactive/ THC FREE 

98% Pure Activated Full Spectrum  CBD Oil with

Pure Omega 3  Amino Acids.

The Powerful formulation of CBD Oil  and OMEGA 3 Oil  is known to slowly calm the mind allowing it to experience deeper THATA waves promoting sleep cycle   fuel for your Brain cells leading to sustained   prolonged sleep cycles as you continue to use such supplement as vital  nutrients for lasting  therapeutic effects

Our Proprietary formula boosts  CBD Potency, Bio - Availability while increasing long term effect.

Omega + CBD OIL also increases bio availability and mental clarity while calming the mind

Organic , lab tested 98% pure CBD extract:

Made using cold-Pressed,  Organic, Non-GMO, 0.0% THC CBD Oil

(Activated / Decarboxylated) Great for Daily Use/ Promotes General Wellness

Activated 98%+ Organic Full spectrum CBD OIL  Naturally Extracted with Stringent Quality Control Measures!  

Non-Toxic, and Non-Psychoactive. 

Products lab-tested for quality and purity  

Ingredients: CBD, MCT Oil

Grown and formulated  in USA

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