24KT Pure Gold ACNE Aloe Vera Skin Treatment Serum Hemp Oil

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Quantity : 1 jar - 3ml 
24K Pure Gold amplifies effect of high grade vitamin oils to help lessen the impact of inflammation on oxidative stress skin cells , decreasing the risk of damage and dysfunction. It contains an array of essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids and anti-inflammatory agents to encourage skin health, it can reduce inflammation and slow down bad skin cells' growth. 
CO2 infused Aloe Vera Hydrates the skin, reduces infection and soothes the itch/burn with it’s naturally cooling gel, as well as anti-inflammation properties, aloe can help soothe itchy, red skin. It can also greatly reduce the itch-scratch cycle that is common in most eczema cases. 

Directions: massage small amount directly onto areas of soreness 3 to 5 times a day. 

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