But wait there's more!!

May 27, 2015 0 Comments
But wait there's more!!

MyVintageSpirit has gone from good to great to FANTASTIC!

Our shop is now considered to be in the top tier of all fashion conscious sites on the Internet, by numerous industry experts!  

What we accomplished in the last month may best be described as a 'moon shot', where we did a total reimagining/design of our shop, while keeping it open for business 24x7.  Everyone at MVS is jazzed about the tremendous improvements in our customers' experience in our shop.  Our design team literally worked into many nights to ensure the new look would be equally inviting on a mobile device as on a large computer screen.  Here's a rundown of some of the features now available:

Expanded Categories & Collections

We have more than doubled the number of both Categories & Collections, and the Collections section has been cross referenced so you can look for jewelry under designations such as Gold Tone, Trending Now, Boho Chic, and many others. We will continually add new entries to make it as easy as possible for you to locate exactly what you are looking for.  And, of course, you can always use our Search function to target specific items.

World's Largest Online Vintage Jewelry Shop

MyVintageSpirit has always shown a tremendous array of Certified hygienic vintage jewelry, and it is now expanding so rapidly, that we have, by far, the world's largest collection.  No other shop comes close to matching the breadth and quality of the items we continually have available!

Be a hit with your friends - - and make money!

Our It Pays to Share feature provides everyone with the opportunity to alert their friends to the beautiful pieces and tremendous values available within our shop.  You will save all your friends 20% on their jewelry purchases, AND you will accumulate 10% of that for yourself!  It's quick; it's easy, and your friends will appreciate it.

Ever growing Blogger community


We are proud of the fantastic fashion bloggers who have joined our community and are always on the lookout for others.  If you are an influential fashion blogger please contact us, so we can setup a program that works for you.  Also, we have one of the best Affiliate programs anywhere offering 17% commissions!

Make an Offer - our newest feature!

We are pleased to announce that you are now welcome to Make an Offer on every item in our shop!  Now we may not accept your offer, but you never know - doesn't hurt to try!