Where in the world do we find all our great vintage?

Posted by Ashley Sonya on

Would you believe we found the "Back to the Future" DeLorean and used it to go back decade by decade through the last century buying up all the quality costume jewelry we could find and then bringing it back for you?  How else could we possibly acquire so much high-quality vintage jewelry?

If you believe that, great; you can ignore the rest of this post!  Otherwise, here's the the story behind how we're able to present a continually updated, eclectic mix of the highest quality, hygenic, MVS Certified vintage jewelry.

It starts with continual attendance at very large wholesale auctions and private estate sales where we acquire large lots (100's of pieces) of vintage jewelry.  It's not unusal for our team to leave each auction with thousands of jewelry items. This requires us to basically stay up all night to be ready to go at the 4 am start of the auctions, and then doing a marathon until their end, sometime between 8 pm and Midnight. It's a long, tiring day, but more than worth it to ensure we deliver you the great vintage pieces you desire!

The next step is the real heart of the unique service provided by MyVintageSpirit - professional jewelry industry cleaning and inspection, which is ONLY offered by MVS!  We utilize ultrasound and other methods to clean the jewelry of all bacteria, dirt and grime, ensuring it is as hygienic as possible while maintaining its valuable age patina.  After the jewelry has undergone this thorough hygienic cleaning,  we inspect for missing stones, broken links, tarnishing, etc.  

Finally we sort the items into quality pieces offered individually on in our shop,and those that are bundled into lots to be repurposed by outstanding artisans creating beautiful and unique new jewelry.  (**Watch in the near future for the start of the MVS Artisan program that will offer these outstanding Artisan pieces directly to you!**)  The high-quality pieces that have passed our rigid inspection are bagged with a MyVintageSpirit Certificate attesting to their authenticity and cleanliness.  Then finally we photograph and post each item on our website, with appropriate classifications, to enable you to easily find exactly what you are seeking.

BTW - In the very near future we are going to begin posting critically important information on the unknown, serious health hazards of dirty jewelry, which we ensure against with our thorough professional cleaning.  For a sneak peak, check out The Truth About Vintage and our SuperHero, Miss MVS!


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