For the past year or so five fingered rings and tough earrings had been raging as the fashion must have. This year chunky chain and necklaces have got to the top of the fashion food chain. Everyone from Lily Collins to Reese Witherspoon has been spotted sporting their own version of this eye catching accessory. There is a combination for every preference, from heavy metal to colorful beads, from stacks of chains to the more subtle minimalistic approach. A chunky necklace is a must have at the moment to be recognized across the fashion world.

The minimalistic approach to accessorizing is no longer true. Trend setters are now switched the point of attention, keeping the clothes simple and layring pieces of jewelry to achieve the look they want to. The prospect of a big and colorful piece of bangle or necklace surely brings smiles on your don’t have to worry about overdoing it anymore as long as you are doing it in the right way and thanks to the celebs now you have a reference.


The season is all about the big and the bold. Chunky necklace is a bold statement and a very stylish way to add a finishing touch to whatever look you are taking. Doesn't matter if you are getting dressed up for a formal party at night or keeping it casual for work, adding an attention grabbing chunky necklace will always bring your inner spirit out and complete your look. These chunky necklaces are designed to bring attention and to be the focal point of whatever outfit you are wearing. Meaning you can throw on any dress you like and just add one of these statement necklaces and you have a complete and bright look.


Designers and boutiques from all around the globe are buying into this new trend of the big, bold and the colorful. Celebrities all across the globe have been creating their own statements and showing off their colors by sporting their own version of the trend. Major brands such as  Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Givenchy, and Lanvin has come out with their own version of the high impact accessory and has been a key focus in the fashion shows. The unsung hero jewelry has finally come to light and has become the main protagonist of  the outfit.

Remember the chokers everybody used to wear in the early 60s and late 90s. Those are back and making a high end statement. Rihannas high end celine choker has been on heavy rotation and grabbing attention everywhere. Lilly Collins has been seen wearing a gold chain with a simple black dress and Jessica Biel was spotted wearing a diamond encrusted snake like necklace with a gorgeous white gown.  While Claire Danes was spotted in a tribal necklace and Olivia Palermo went all ethnic with a colorful ethnic inspired necklace with a beautifully fitted black dress. On the other hand celebs like Lucy Liu went more for the bling factor that would even make Jay-Z jealous. So girls, what are you waiting for? Rush to the stores and get your very own chunky necklace and create your own statement with all the different varieties of metal and colors they have to offer.