Bringing Forth the Spirit of the Era: My Vintage Spirit

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The thing about vintage fashion is it keeps on coming back from time to time. Looks from the 1920s to the 1970s is trending again and celebs and fashion enthusiasts all around the world are being spotted in their vintage attires. Some people are rocking their vintage outfits day in and day out. Capes, minis, maxis, geometric prints, chunky elaborate jewelry and knee boots have been the core theme on the runways worldwide. As vintage comes back in rotation again and again your outdated clothes are never really out of fashion. Vintage clothing also stands as a voice of protest against our super fast culture and lifestyle and speaks for the simpler times.

In the fashion world vintage refers to apparels and trends that originated in the post 1920s era up to the 1990s. 1990s was the era when grunge clothing came in so it is excluded and pre 1920s fashion is regarded as antique fashion. Vintage or grunge, clothing from the previous eras are considered to be part of retro fashion short for retrospective fashion and anything originating in more modern times is defined as contemporary or modern fashion.

The slogan of the modern age is newer is better, but this is not true for the fashion industry. The fashion industry values its past much more unlike the technology industry and always seems to go back to its golden past. The perception of beauty changes from time to time but the core stays the same. Keeping this spirit in mind has launched its collection of jewelry to address all your whims.

My vintage spirit takes the concept of vintage jewelry and puts their own graceful spin to it. From majestic necklaces to gorgeous pin brooches they are offering a wide range of beautiful jewelry that will make any look you are sporting complete. Just browsing through is amusing in itself as you get to see all the stunning jewelry they have to offer. My vintage spirit has divided its products into sixteen categories due to the large number of products it has to offer. As you enter the website the first thing that grabs your attention is the thoughtfully designed rings, pins and bracelets. As you are just finishing contemplating the rings and bracelets you will find the majestic animal shaped pin brooches with its exquisite design.Then there are the chunky necklaces with its vintage vibe and strong statement. Get your message out with one of these. Each and every one of the fashion bracelets demand attention. The bracelets page therefore must be checked out. My vintage spirit has so much to offer you better get some time off to check it out.  Your experience visiting the store will be in awe and happiness as you keep on stumbling upon gorgeous pieces of jewelry.

My vintage spirit brings back the spirit of the era with style and attitude. It is a haven for people who are into vintage and for fashion enthusiasts alike. What are you waiting for? Go get the perfect compliment for your pretty dresses before the stocks run out.


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