How Vintage Fashion Comes Back Around and Why

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In recent times the fashion world has moved on to the old days and vintage clothing is the new trend.

Looks from the 1920s to the 1970s are back and in fashion once again. Minis, maxis, capes, geometric prints and knee boots have rocked the runways and now rocking the red carpets. Celebs and fashion enthusiasts are spotted everywhere with their vintage clothes and jewelry. Some fashion enthusiasts are in the vintage mode day in and day out. Where do the roots of the trend lie is the question in everyones mind across the fashion world. Does it lie in the latest popular TV series such as Mad Men and Downtown Abbey or because of the desire to stand out from the crowd or does it represent a voice of protest against our fast moving and stressful modern culture.

Vintage clothing or vintage fashion refers to the trends which originated in the post 1920s era upto 1990s. Fashion trends originating before that are considered to be antique clothes. Retro fashion short for retrospective fashion refers to fashion which imitates the style and trend of a previous era. Fashion originating in present times is usually defined as contemporary or modern fashion.

In an age when newer is better everywhere the obsession with vintage fashion trends may raise questions in some peoples minds. The choice of dressing in outdated clothes may even seem counter intuitive. But the way the fashion industry seems to go back to the past era over and over again shows that fashion isn’t like technology or pharmaceuticals and the notion that newer is better isn’t applicable for the fashion industry. But is that all vintage fashion stands for?

To the vintage-wearer their dresses present more than themselves rather it represents a forgotten era. Vintage clothing has more historical implications than the portrayal of one's self image. There is a lot of nostalgia involved in wearing vintage clothes as it can portray your personal escape from the fast moving and stressful twenty-first century. The 1920s is the symbol of progress and peace for the U.S. The first world war was over and U.S was enjoying rapid economic growth and new found freedom and change. Cinema was the obsession of the twenties as the modern form of cinema with sound was born. With the spread of the cinema the fashion industry was starting to blossom. The modernist movement shaped the cities and the era of cultural expression through fashion was born.

The twenties represent the era of freedom for women. In the twenties they gained their freedom and rights in society to an unprecedented level. Women had their rights to vote, work outside their homes and pursue life in a much wider spectrum. This makes the twenties the decade of revolution for them. With their new found freedom their trend of fashion evolved too. From silk stockings to above-the-knee skirts all were introduced in the twenties. The twenties represent so much for women and it is not forgotten and remembering the era through fashion is a subtle and honorable way.  

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  • I find it weird how fashion swings in round abouts, having said that it may be a good thing, people seemed to dress with a lot more class back then, we can learn a thing or two from our grandparents….

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